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this is ultimate approach for marketing your property for sale

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your property starts at the top of page 1 in your postcodes search results

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your property is displayed with the biggest photos that are seen on realestate.com.au

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your property is displayed with the biggest ad type available on realestate.com.au

view all the benefits of the "Premiere Ad" package

"Premiere Ad" Packages

Whether your selling or renting out a property, we have a Premiere Ad package for you.


fr: $1400

  • Listed Until Sold on:
  • * Realestate.com.au
  • * Domain.com.au
  • * Additional Property Sites
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fr: $290

  • Listed Until Leased on:
  • * Realestate.com.au
  • * Domain.com.au
  • * Rent.com.au

About RealestatePrivately

realestatePrivately is the dominate and only player in the ‘for sale by owner’ space that provides a “Premiere Ad”, not as an upgrade to the ‘standard ad’ packages provided by our competitors, but as the core product of our business.

There is absolutely no one else providing access to the most successful and most popular online marketing tool, the “Premiere Ad” on Realestate.com.au to the private seller with the incredible discounted rates we can offer.
This is because to obtain these special discounted rates, that exceed 60% off the fee charged by our other competitors, as a company you must be on a ‘Premiere Ad’ subscription contract with Realestate.com.au. This means that all our listings are published as a ‘Premiere Ad’.

realestatePrivately is on such a subscription contract and is dedicated to providing a superior service at an affordable cost thus enabling a much, much greater chance of selling of your property and for the price you want.

Glen Victor, the owner of the business being a licensed real estate agent, has been connected to this industry for 40 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that can only assist you in the selling of your property privately.

Meet our team

Out team provides superior service and professional advise


Business Owner

as the business owner, it is my responsibility to ensure we provide the best service and advice possible

Team Members

Team Members

key members

whatever you need to ensure your property is listed in a seamless manner possible, that is our goal

What our members say

they all sold while listed on a Premiere Ad



found the service and desire to ensure the selling of my property was the top goal a real pleasure to experience. The team really does go the extra mile




listing my property on a Premiere Ad was a no-brainer as it is by far the best way to get buyers to see your listing. The benefits received totally outway the cost




listed my property on a Premiere Ad and loved how it apperared at the very top of page 1 in my suburbs search results, very cool. Sold in just weeks

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